Next.js SSG

Next.js SSG

With Next.js, you can pre-render your page using Static Generation (SSG) (opens in a new tab). Your pages will be generated at build time and statically served to visitors. It can also be cached by a CDN to maximize the performance.

This is supported by Nextra too. Here's an example:

Nextra has 10891 stars on GitHub!

The number above was generated at build time via getStaticProps. With Incremental Static Regeneration (opens in a new tab) enabled, it will be kept up to date.

Here's the MDX code for the example above:

import { useData } from 'nextra/data'
export const getStaticProps = ({ params }) => {
  return fetch(``)
    .then(res => res.json())
    .then(repo => ({
      props: {
        // We add an `ssg` field to the page props,
        // which will be provided to the Nextra `useData` hook.
        ssg: {
          stars: repo.stargazers_count
      // The page will be considered as stale and regenerated every 60 seconds.
      revalidate: 60
export const Stars = () => {
  // Get the data from SSG, and render it as a component.
  const { stars } = useData()
  return <strong>{stars}</strong>
Nextra has <Stars /> stars on GitHub!