Nextra is a framework on top of Next.js, that lets you build content focused websites. It has all the great features from Next.js, plus extra power to create Markdown-based content with ease.

Quick Start

To start using Nextra, you need to select a theme first:

If you want to use Nextra without using these built-in themes, you can follow the Custom Theme docs.

Nextra FAQ

The Nextra FAQ is a collection of useful questions and answers about the project. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please open a discussion (opens in a new tab).

Can I use Nextra with Next.js app router?

No, Nextra only works with the /pages directory at the moment. Support for the app router has not been implemented yet. But you can use /app and /pages at the same time - just put your docs inside /pages and your other routes in /app

Can I use X with Nextra?

The answer is “yes” for most things. Since Nextra is just a Next.js plugin, almost all the things that can be done with React can be done with Nextra. Here are some examples and guides:

How can I add a live coding component in Nextra?

There are libraries like Sandpack (opens in a new tab) and react-live (opens in a new tab) that can help you add live coding components to your MDX.