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Links and images are
always optimized

Nextra automatically converts Markdown links and images to use Next.js Link (opens in a new tab) and Next.js Image (opens in a new tab) when possible. No slow navigation or layout shift.

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Advanced syntax
highlighting solution

Performant and reliable build-time syntax highlighting powered by Shiki (opens in a new tab).

I18n as easy as
creating new files

Name your page files with locales suffixed, Nextra and Next.js will do the rest for you.


MDX 2 lets you use Components inside Markdown,
with huge performance boost since v1.


Full-text search,
zero-config needed

Nextra indexes your content automatically at build-time and performs incredibly fast full-text search via FlexSearch (opens in a new tab).

Organize pages intuitively,
with file-system routing from Next.js

A11y as a top priority

Nextra respects system options
such as Increase Contrast and Reduce Motion.

Hybrid rendering,
next generation

You can leverage the hybrid rendering power from Next.js with your Markdown content including SSG (opens in a new tab), SSR (opens in a new tab), and ISR (opens in a new tab).

And more...

SEO / RTL Layout / Pluggable Themes / Built-in Components / Last Git Edit Time / Multi-Docs...
A lot of new possibilities to be explored.

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