Nextra uses KaTeX (opens in a new tab) to render LaTeX expressions directly in MDX. To enable LaTeX support, you must enable the latex option in your next.config.js file:

module.exports = require('nextra')({
  latex: true

When enabled, KaTeX’s CSS and fonts will be automatically included in your site, and you can start writing math expressions in your MDX files. Using LaTeX within MDX is as simple as wrapping your expression in $ or $$.


For example, the following Markdown code:

The **Pythagorean equation**: $a=\sqrt{b^2 + c^2}$.

will be rendered as:

The Pythagorean equation: a=b2+c2a=\sqrt{b^2 + c^2}.

You can still use Markdown and MDX syntax in the same line as your LaTeX expression.


If you want to display $ in your content instead of rendering it as an equation, you can escape it with a backslash (\). For example \$e = mc^2\$ will be rendered as $e = mc^2$.


To learn more about KaTeX and its supported functions and conventions, visit KaTeX’s documentation (opens in a new tab).